Monday, 16 June 2014

Selfie catch up

Clearly I was so over the selfie project in the last 8 days. I missed two days after 156 straight days. Blame it on overcast weather, being broody about Father's Day, ruminations on selfies after realizing how easily a fake profile can be created for online scams ... this is a mixed bag, of times when I put effort into it and times I did not.

Day 157 - dressed up for a Victorian murder mystery party. I had ringlets!
Day 157

Day 158.
Day 158

Day 159. Northern Lights selfies are the best.
Day 159

Day 160
Day 160

Day 161 Late night supermarket run.
Day 161

Day 162, after first missed day.
Day 162

Day 163
Taken at 11:58 pm because I realized I was about to miss a day, not realizing that I'd already missed one.
Day 162

Day 164 - another last minute picture, after second missed day.


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