Sunday, 29 June 2014

Colour Us Rad

These are all of my photos, plus the one photo my sister sent me (the first). I didn't take any during the hike because I was in "walk" mode and not "photography" mode.

If you're curious, I recorded the walk with MapMyWalk and you can see the stats and route here.

ETA: MapMyWalk 3D video of the route:

Mary-Anne, my sister, made our tutus. With glittery fabric. I vacuumed lots of colour and glitter out of my car yesterday.

The before.

Taken before we started. This is how much powder was blowing off of each of the colour stations, where young people enthusiastically pelt the runners/walkers with coloured gluten-free cornstarch.

I tucked my eyeglasses safely away and wore mu sunglasses. This is me, happy to not be walking up a fucking ski hill any more, right after I took off my sunglasses.

With the sunglasses. I had no idea that the blue dot of powder was on my nose and Mary-Anne chose not to tell me. :-)

My best ballerina pose.

The parking lot. You could buy extra packets of colour and people were pelting each other pre- and post-race.

I told the young people at the purple station that purple is Mary-Anne's favourite colour, and they made sure to extra-pelt her.

I laughed when I started stripping to have a shower. My cleavage was a rainbow and no, I did not take a photo. I was ready to wash off the sweat-encrusted cornstarch!

According to the race website, the colour will wash out of all clothing. Yeah ... nope. My t-shirt and sports bra still have colour remnants, but that's okay.


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