Monday, 22 April 2013

Cat photography

Would there be any interest in me talking about photographing cats? Any questions you'd like answered?

In the meantime, I give you this:
Big pink yawn by Angela Boyko (angelamermaid)) on
Big pink yawn by Angela Boyko

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hermione enjoys a sunbeam

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Eerie Field

Monday, 8 April 2013


Incoming storm by Angela Boyko (angelamermaid)) on
Incoming storm by Angela Boyko

I'm really glad I started using 500px. It's much more community minded than SmugMug, and a lot more about the photos than the award systems of Flickr. Going back and looking through quite a lot of unpublished photos, I'm renewing my passion for taking pictures. I don't know that any big trips are in the works for 2013 - I'm thinking more and more of exploring Alberta. For example, today I learned from a coworker that Lethbridge boasts a Japanese garden. I've never been to Lethbridge and I smell road trip ...

Friday, 5 April 2013


What a View by Angela Boyko (angelamermaid)) on Banff National Park

What a View by Angela Boyko

Also available on SmugMug.


Monday, I set up a little heated indoor greenhouse and planted seeds.

Tonight I found this:


I planted two varieties of tomatoes (green zebra and tiny tim) and they are sprouting! Nothing from the pansies, cilantro, or peppers yet.

Thursday, 4 April 2013


I'm digging through pictures from the last few months ... really need to get back in the habit of posting photos regularly.

The required glamour shot:
Sunshine and shadow by Angela Boyko (angelamermaid)) on
Sunshine and shadow by Angela Boyko


Charlie enjoying one of the mermaid pillows that my aunt Cheryl made for me:
Cat with mermaid pillow

Hermione luuurrrrrves it when one of the bigger kitties gives her a baff.
One cat bathing another

Hermione and Chloe, just chillin'.
Two cats sleeping side by side

Those crazy kids

I work with a lot of young people. The latest craze, according to them, is hadoken "Which is like Japanese planking!"

What it really is, is posing as if you're in a video game, and one person in the middle poses as if in a video game, blowing everyone else away. Everyone else jumps away at the same time as if blown away.

Which explains this:
 photo Hadoken_zps85fd24cf.jpg

They decided we would do it that day! Obviously I didn't know in advance, or I would have worn something sexier and more hadoken-worthy (I'm on the far left). That was our tenth take, I think.

The cast of The Good Wife is also hip:

The Chive has more examples.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


The fallen tree by Angela Boyko (angelamermaid)) on
The fallen tree by Angela Boyko

Also available on SmugMug

The innocent look by Angela Boyko (angelamermaid)) on
The innocent look by Angela Boyko

Also available on SmugMug

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The guilt

When I was packing to go to Red Deer a couple of weeks ago, Hermione knew what to do. Sit in the suitcase and give me That Look, so that I wouldn't fill up the suitcase and leave.

It didn't work. :-)

Don't leave me by Angela Boyko (angelamermaid)) on
Don't leave me by Angela Boyko

Also on SmugMug.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Hermione on a quilt

Hermione on a quilt by Angela Boyko (angelamermaid)) on
Hermione on a quilt by Angela Boyko

My grandmother began making quilts when her grandchildren started getting married. She made a quilt for each if time permitted - sometimes she bought a quilt if there wasn't enough time.

When it came down to three grandchilden and one great-granddaughter, all of marrying age and single, she decided to make quilts for us anyways. As she put it, she wasn't going to be around forever, and she wanted each of us to have a quilt. So this is how I came to have this quilt. Gram made a pink one and a yellow one, and my cousin Julie (the great-grand-daughter) was engaged so she got first choice.

With time and maturity, I've gotten over not having first choice. Because after she made the quilts, Gram had a stroke, and her quilting time was over. When she passed away in 2006, I slept with this quilt for a while, to have her energy with me. Then I put it away, because I had two cats with sensitive stomachs.

This Saturday, I was at a stitching meetup and met a woman who quilts. She told me that she doesn't make quilts for baby gifts anymore, because nobody uses them. They only display them.

I'd been thinking of changing my bedding for spring. So I went home and brought out this quilt. My current cats all have good stomachs (except for the occiasional hairball). And they have all investigated this quilt and found it worthy.

This picture is available on 500px and my SmugMug store.