Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 113

Day 113

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 112

Charlie doesn't think there are monsters under the bed. He thinks there are zombie killer bunnies about to attack, and it's my job to go outside and check, because he is driving me crazy with the scared meowing.

Day 112

Yes, Charlie is a cat.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Selfie catch up!

Day 107 - apparently I misplaced my hairbrush, so heavy cropping it is.
Day 107

Day 108 - so sick of the snow!!!
Day 108

Day 109 - Easter. Yay.
Day 109

Day 110 - I bought this cup for my sister's birthday because it is fun and festive. She likes it because it has a lid and she won't spill so much.
Day 110

Day 111 - Homeward bound.
Day 111

Northern Lights at Elk Island

My plans for the weekend were:

Friday - drive to Edmonton, stay with my sister and her family

Saturday - spend the day in Edmonton, have Easter/birthday supper at my sister's house (date and time chosen because of three different guests having dogs on certain feeding schedules).

Sunday - spend most of the day in Edmonton because it was my sister's birthday, drive back to Calgary.

Monday - chill out.

I wanted to drive because I'm feeling adventurous these days and am tired of taking the bus. Also, there was the strong possibility of Northern Lights, and Elk Island National Park is by Edmonton. It's renowned among the Alberta Aurora Chasers group for being away from city lights. It's not perfectly free of light pollution, but an excellent spot.
I figured that if I did go chasing Friday or Saturday night, I could bring my nephew. He's up all night anyways, he could be my bodyguard. ;-)

My plans fell apart Friday with a snow squall that left the roads icy and slushy. I bought a bus ticket and decided that there must be a Reason that my plans changed.

The Reason was that the Northern Lights came Sunday night, when I was still in Edmonton and not in Calgary as planned. :-)

And it wasn't just my nephew with me. I asked my sister if I could borrow a car and she said, "I'm coming with you! It's my birthday!" Her husband drove us out to Elk Island, along with my niece, and my nephew's friend.

I took a lot of photos, even before the Lights showed up at midnight. At one point, I just pointed my camera at the sky. And accidentally got some meteors.
Meteors in the Night Sky

Here are my favourites:
Northern Lights Elk Island 01

Northern Lights Elk Island 02

Northern Lights Elk Island 03

There was a pesky cloud formation on the horizon, but I managed to shoot above it. We left after that show - people had work to go to and buses to catch in the morning. I'm a LOT happier with these photos than last week's.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Catch up post

Proof that I went outside and didn't just spend the entire on the couch eating chips while playing games on the iPad.

Day 105
I went hiking on Nose Hill Park with a couple of friends. It was cold.
Day 105

Among many things, we talked about vision. I mentioned I'm farsighted. Later, I proved it by spotting a porcupine.

Day 106
I don't normally blow-dry my hair because of heat damage, but I did today, so that my hair would be dry by the time I got to lunch with a friend. One of my better hair days. Day 106

I impulsively stopped by Carburn Park after lunch. I hadn't been there since the flood last year, and it was depressing. The trees were still full of leaves and debris from where they were underwater.

I did spot some deer hiding in the brush.
Deer in Carburn Park

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Penumbral eclipse

Penumbral eclipse:

The moon is entering the Earth's penumbra, before the clouds rolled in.

Gauzy moon

Unfortunately a thick cloud cover rolled in. This was one of the last photos I took before the moon completely disappeared behind the clouds.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 104

Day 104

I have two cameras with fully charged batteries and empty memory cards, ready for tonight's eclipse. Now I need the clouds to go away.