Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Guest starring ...

I interviewed my friend Susan for my artist website. She designs knitting patterns. Read it here. At some point in the near future, she will interview me.

I would like to continue doing guest spots like this, for my artist website and for Enchanted Mermaid Treasures. If you would like to write a guest blog or be interviewed for one of these sites, let me know. Your subject matter needs to be art-related and/or mermaid related. You can write about what inspires you, or what you've learned about Etsy or share some photography tips.

What's in it for you - more exposure for you, backlinks to your website(s) to help your search engine optimization.

What's in it for me - more traffic to my site if you choose to link to it and say "Hey I wrote a guest blog/was interviewed!". More content.

I would be willing to write a guest blog for you or be interviewed.

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