Friday, 30 March 2012

Photo of the Day - March 22 2012

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How much is that kitty in the curtains? (Priceless)

Photo of the Day - March 21 2012

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Finally, curtains over every important window!

Photo of the Day - March 20 2012

Not so Little Miss is growing into one gorgeous cat.

Photo of the Day - March 20 2012

She doesn't like to use the cat tree when accessing the top of the bookcase. She prefers to make one mighty leap from the loveseat to the bookcase.


Bonus Charlie photo, as he spies watches the neighbours in their backyards.


Photo of the Day - March 19 2012

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A honey cruller that got shoved into my purse and then forgotten. No, I didn't eat it (shudder).

Photo of the Day - March 18 2012

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The half-bathroom, the first room I want to makeover and make mine. Should I paint the walls or the cabinet first?

Photo of the Day - March 17 2012

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Charlie and Hermione watch Chloe, trying to decide to pounce or not.

Photo of the Day - March 16 2012

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The running joke in my office is that if you want to reward me for my ninja-like abilities to get things done, peanut butter cups are an acceptable form of tribute. People promise cups, but rarely deliver. One of the new project managers stepped up.

Photo of the Day - March 15 2012

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A new nightlight.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Photo of the Day - March 14 2012

Photo of the Day - March 13 2012

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All of the rented moving bins emptied and ready to be picked up.

Photo of the Day - March 12 2012

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She is still very unhelpful when I change the sheets.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Photo of the Day - March 11 2012

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The first really nice day since we moved. I opened this window and they watched the new neighbours. I've bought some side tables for them to sit on here, but haven't assembled them yet.

And this is only the second time I've managed to get all three cats in the same photo!

Photo of the Day - March 10 2012

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Hermione is now seven months old, she seems to be fluffier every day, and she is super-cuddly.

Photo of the Day - March 9 2012

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Playing around with the Camera360 app on my phone.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Photo of the Day - March 8 2012

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Straight No Chaser in concert! They were awesome.

Photo of the Day - March 7 2012

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After being promised one since November, I finally got a new laptop at work.

Photo of the Day - March 6 2012

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This bookcase has been anchored to the wall, because Hermione loves to jump up on it.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Adventures in home ownership

Today was the first day I really got a good look at my backyard, as the snow is melting. On my "to do" list was to go out and pick up the trash that was appearing as the snow melts.

Backyard - before

I grabbed a garbage bag, and a plastic bag to protect my hands. I started picking up trash - coffee cups, a box of baking soda (?).

And then I found a dead pigeon, also emerging under melted snow. I reacted with as much calm and grace as Kate Gosselin, meaning I screamed and ran indoors and wanted nothing to do with the bird carcass in my backyard, I wanted someone else to take care of it.

(Many, many years ago I had to dispose of a dead mouse. I used a ruler and a dustpan and my hands shook so much I dropped it. I can't deal with this sort of thing.)

I put out a plea for help on Facebook. I texted my best guy friends, neither of whom could come right away. One of my friends pointed out that I could call the city at 311 and have it removed as a health hazard. So I called 311. The guy who answered was very nice. He transferred me over to Dispatch ... and the woman who answered was not so warm and fuzzy. No, I can't just pick it up with a shovel, I don't have a shovel. I just moved here last week. I can't deal with a dead bird. I can't.

The dispatcher said they were backed up and maybe someone could come today, but it would probably be tomorrow and I would have to leave a note in my mailbox giving them permission to enter the backyard, as it is my private property. I was prepared to wait.

Then I heard someone shoveling. One of my neighbours was in his backyard, cleaning up dog poop. I introduced myself, and it turns out that when he and his girlfriend moved in, they also had a dead bird in their backyard. Huh.

Anyways, he very nicely scooped the dead bird into a garbage bag for me, I thanked him profusely, and I disposed of the bag in the nearest dumpster, offering a silent apology to the bird that this was how its life went.

And then I called 311 again, and told them I no longer needed anyone to come out. They said they would cancel it. Five minutes later, someone from Dispatch called and confirmed that I was cancelling my request for assistance. I confirmed that the dead bird had been disposed of, and all was well. She thanked me for calling them to let them know not to send someone.

Once my nerves settled, I went outside and cleaned up the rest of the trash. I didn't find any more dead animals, whew!

I knew there would be unexpected bumps in the road of home ownership, but I never expected to have to deal with a dead bird.

Backyard - after

Photo of the Day - March 4 2012

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The living room in progress.

Photo of the Day - March 3 2012

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Charlie supervises the unpacking in the kitchen. Also, these are the curtains over the patio doors.

Photo of the Day - March 2 2012

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I explored my new neighbourhood and discovered a nail salon. I treated myself to a mani-pedi.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Photo of the Day - March 1 2012

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Hermione and Charlie, being the more outgoing cats, adapted quicker to the new house. Here, they watch pigeons across the street.

Photo of the Day - Feb 29 2012

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One of my first tasks was to buy and install a curtain rod, with new shower curtain.

Photo of the Day - Feb 28 2012

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Moving day! The living room.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Photo of the Day - Feb 26 2012

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The living room was mostly boxes and bins at this point.

Photo of the Day - Feb 27 2012

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The day I took possession! The contractor did a great job renovating the townhouse.

Bonus basement photo:


Photo of the Day - Feb 25 2012

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In the final stretch of packing. That's the only explanation I have for the random hair clip.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Photo of the Day - Feb 24 2012

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Taken in advance of finally owning a dishwasher!

Bonus Charlie.

Photo of the Day - Feb 23 2012

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This is my favourite of my recent photos. A quiet moment with a gentle cat.

Photo of the Day - Feb 22 2012

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Charlie watching me pack.

Bonus Hermione.
Playful Hermione

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Photo of the Day - Feb 21 2012

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Hermione inspects the rented moving bins. She often sits up like this when frightened or curious.

Photo of the Day - Feb 20 2012 - Hermione

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Just chillin'.

Photo of the Day - Feb 19 2012 - Boxes

Boxes by angelamermaid
Boxes, a photo by angelamermaid on Flickr.

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I got a lot of free boxes from local liquor stores. I stacked some of them. I think this is where I started going squirrely during the moving process.