Saturday, 28 February 2015

Thank you, Leonard Nimoy

My photo op with Leonard Nimoy

I had never been to a science fiction/fantasy/comic book convention prior to April 25, 2010. My buddy Phil, one of the organizers of the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, got me to go because Leonard Nimoy was going to be there and it was a Big Deal. He also said I should buy a photo op, because hello? Leonard. Nimoy.

So I bought a one day pass and a photo op, This is what I blogged about my photo op with Leonard Nimoy:
I stepped up, he put his arm around me and asked how I was, I said, "Great! How are you?", he said, "great, thanks!" And we smiled for the camera and I thanked him and bounced out of the way so the next person could step up. Short but very sweet. I enjoyed watching him while I was in line - he was really very gracious with everyone.

Because of a massive screw-up by the company doing the photo ops, I didn't get a printed copy of the photo. I didn't even get a digital copy until a week later. It's not the most flattering picture of me, but my excitement is genuine. When Leonard Nimoy put his arm around me, I felt special. And bold enough to hold up Star Wars toys with a Star Trek actor. Those toys have been in every photo op since.

Thanks for everything, Leonard. For your words of wisdom that have been prospering online, your kindness to everyone, your arm around me.