Friday, 13 June 2014


I recently gave Gluten-Free Singles online dating a try and didn't like it. The messages were all the copy and paste generic kind, and some were kinda creepy. There was one guy who had two photos that didn't quite look like each other. I did a Reverse Google Image Search on one of them and sussed out that he wasn't who he was saying he was.

The only person whose messages showed that he had read my profile was "Martin from Texas". Yes, the quotation marks are foreshadowing. His emails were nice, but were a little too full of "I would treat a woman so right, I would do everything..." and not enough meat.

A little too full of promises ... My inner voice said there was no connection. I wondered what the etiquette is. Do I just stop replying? (I stopped replying).

Then yesterday I read something about this Catfish TV show which I haven't watched ... I did a Reverse Google Image Search on his profile picture. Did you know that there are forums where people flag repeated romance scammers? And yes, his profile picture has been flagged.

So I deleted my profile. :-P


Way back in the days of Geocities, I built a fansite of the actress and dancer Vera-Ellen. Which I can no longer edit, apparently not without paying for Yahoo! web hosting.

So yesterday I started doing what I've meant to do for a while - build a whole new site. I registered a domain and started building using a template from Weebly which I'm going to replace. is under construction.

It's the first time I've worked on a website in weeks and I missed HTML and CSS so much!. I've been in a bit of a funk this week, and doing web work snapped me out of it.

White Christmas


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