Friday, 30 May 2014

Day 150 and donating blood

I picked up my new glasses today.

Day 150

I learned my lesson - I didn't ask for a copy of my prescription until after I'd ordered and paid for a pair from my optometrist. So they didn't try to talk me out of Clearly Contacts, just printed it off.

I donated platelets today, for a man in a Calgary hospital who recently had a bone marrow transplant. The needle wasn't sitting quite right and kept setting off warning alarms. The nurse didn't want to fiddle with the needle too much, and I didn't want her to - usually, fiddling means the needle goes right through the vein and the donation has to end. So, since it didn't hurt, we just put up with it. The new machines have cut down the donation time drastically, and it was to save a life.


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