Thursday, 29 May 2014

Pictures catch up post!

They don't often nap together, but when they do, it's ADORABLE.

The girls

Day 144 - starting to rain.

Day 144

Taken from a place where it wasn't raining.

Cloudy skies

Day 145 - a day for gardening.

Day 145

And helping paint the boxes at the community garden. Children from a local daycare and school will paint on top of the base coat.

Community garden

Somebody wants to come outside and munch grass while I garden.

Oh Charlie

Day 146 - I will miss playing foosball with the gang.

Day 146

Day 147 - when one chapter of your life ends, go garden to start a new one.

Day 147

Day 148 - my friend and I went to Jelly Modern Doughnuts, because they have gluten-free options on Wednesday. Yummy!

Day 148


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