Monday, 12 May 2014

Weekend catch-up - deer, chasing aurora, bathtub selfie!

Lately, I've been going to Carburn Park after my knitting group. It's still looking rough after the floods of last June. And it was raining.

Day 130

The park is a hidden gem in Calgary. One reason is that it's fairly easy to see deer there.

Deer in Carburn Park

Deer in Carburn Park

That evening, the space weather reports began to show a good possibility of viewing Northern Lights. My friend and I drove out. The sky was clear, the night was beautiful ... but the solar activity dropped and we didn't see any aurora. My friend the tree-hugger asked me to take a photo of this tree and it was my great shot of the night.

Night tree

Sunday, I went to an arts and crafts show with a knitting buddy. I'm proud to say that I stuck to my $20 spending budget. Outside, a group of young people were practising on drums. They sounded great!


I spent some time in the garden clearing up from last year. And then I took a selfie in a well-deserved bath (Day 131).

Day 131


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