Friday, 9 May 2014

Day 128 - Northern Lights!

#365FeministSelfie photography project Day 128 The aurora alerts went off. C, the woman I'd partnered up with before, was up for an excursion. I waited until after midnight to set the self-timer and jump in front of my camera and try to keep still for 10 seconds. We were blessed with a clear sky, but the abundance of moonlight really presented a challenge for me. I still have much to learn about aurora photography - but I am very happy with some of my pictures last night. Northern Lights We tried a couple of locations. The second one distinctly smelled of farm and there were loud cows nearby, plus a few coyotes at one point. And there was a chilly wind. But it was much more interesting because of the ponds and the trees and we stuck it out. And warmed up in her BMW on the way home. I love her heated seats. Northern Lights There is another aurora alert for tonight, plus a slight cloud cover. I'm exhausted and am going to stay home. Today was long and I am really too beat to go driving tonight.


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