Friday, 6 July 2012

Home Ownership

I bought the house knowing that the furnace was 30 years old. That was part of the price - old furnace. The home inspector said he didn't think it had been serviced ever. A Groupon for furnace cleaning and maintenance appeared that week and I bought one.

Dude was just here. He confirmed that it's never been serviced. The ducts were "disgustingly filthy" and he couldn't do too much work on the furnace until they're cleaned. The Groupon gives me a 10% discount on duct cleaning so I booked another appointment.

He did check the heat exchanger and it isn't cracked "yet". He recommended I get a new thermocouple and wrote down the details, so that I can save some money and buy it myself. Then they'll install it when they come back for the duct cleaning.

He said the filter has been changed in the past, but not recently. He replaced that, and showed me how I can replace it in the future every 4 months. The amount of dust that came off the old filter was so disgusting that I'm surprised I didn't have an asthma attack right then and there.

He estimates the furnace has about two years max left. I've known all along to be budgeting for a new one, so I wasn't surprised or upset.


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