Sunday, 8 July 2012

Butter'n'egg it is

I didn't go on a weed killing rampage after discovering I had a noxious weed in my backyard. If it was good enough for my grandmother, it's good enough for me.

I did removed some of them, but have decided they can live along the fence. I'm slowly establishing patches of good grass that I seeded myself, to keep the weed population down. I did a lot of yardwork today.

I've reached the point of deciding I have enough plants. No, really. See, it hasn't rained for a few days. Without rain ... I have a lot of watering to do!

Yesterday I bought a garden hose and nozzles. Then I discovered that the faucet in my backyard is set really close to the stucco. So close that I can't attach a hose - the outer ring couldn't move against the stucco. Good thing I put the receipt where I could easily find it.

I've given up trying eradicate the grass and weeds in between the stones out back. Now I'm doing damage control. I think that next year, I'll hire a landscaper, so that the blocks can be moved to the shady area, and some rounded stepping stones can go in. So I'm not going to spend more time eradicating when it will all be gone in a year. I'll just use the weed whacker to keep things from getting too wild.


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