Sunday, 29 April 2012

Of Visitors, Lemons, and Ladybugs

My sister and her family and an exchange student friend from Quebec came by today. Apparently five visitors is too much for the cats. The girls hid. Even Charlie wasn't sociable, although he did allow some quick pats.

They love the townhouse. BIL brought a bottle of sparkling apple cider, and we toasted the home. My nephew was thrilled to discover that I have goblets, and insisted on drinking cider from that. We sat out in the garden where it was warm and sunny.


I see a health food store from the C-Train every day. Today I made a point of going in, looking for some advice on managing my osteo-arthritis. I'm not in chronic pain but dang, I feel I should be managing it consistently now. My doctor hasn't been much help, all he wants is to see me lose weight (something I want too).

A very friendly clerk helped me pick out a supplement with glucosamine. She also spoke with me about my diet, and trying to reduce acidity. Basically, she recommended drinking lemon water, and removing sugar, dairy, and flour. "The fun stuff," I quipped.

I'm drinking lemon water right now. :-) I made do with lemon juice, I had so much to do today that going to a store for lemons was not in the cards.


After another trip to the Comic Expo, I went to the nearest garden centre. I got more pansies, it's my goal to have at least one survive. I also got some tomato starters and garlic chives.

Note - I have never liked raw tomatoes. I don't like the texture or the smell. I'll eat them in sauces with no problem. I used to pick them out of salads and would never have them in sandwiches, until I decided that the health benefits of them warranted me actually eating them. I can eat them with salads and sandwiches now.

So why did I buy a couple of tomato plants? Well, apparently they're easy to grow and damn it, I want some success in the garden. I have a hunch that the pride of growing tomatoes would make them less icky.

While I was transplanting the new plants, a ladybug crawled over my back steps. Yay!


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