Saturday, 21 April 2012

Garden plans

I have accepted that while I have this grand vision for the backyard with raised beds and no grass and all sorts of things ... I don't have to achieve it this year. There is so much inside and outside that I want to do. And I am not made of money. So ... today I bought a lawn trimmer, to cut the grass. Didn't see the sense in paying for a mower. I did some comparison shopping online. I went to Canadian Tire - a clerk advised against buying the very cheapest model as it gets returned a lot. So I spent $10 more for a different brand. I bought it, brought it home, assembled it, ran to Zellers to see if they had the right kind of extension cord with the outlet on the very end, they did, got 30% off thanks to the liquidation sale, came home, plugged it in and tested it ... it is awesome. I'll cut the grass tomorrow, with safety glasses of course. I also bought a portable grill. Because I am surrounded by barbecues and when I smell my neighbours grilling something, I want to grill too! So I got a small one that I can use on the cement patio out back - no need to buy a big bad ass barbecue. Neighbour Matt to the north has totally dug up his backyard and is moving the stones around. Like me, he has a gutter from the roof that empties into the yard and pools water. He liked my idea of buying a lawn trimmer instead of a mower. I bought a book by the Calgary Horticultural Society, expressly written for our climate. It's giving me some good ideas on small things I can do this year. I do want to grow some plants, I think this year I'll focus on containers. That liquidation sale at Zellers is really helpful for most supplies. I also want to see what I can do about the gutter that empties into the backyard. The water is super fertile, thanks to the pigeon poop that washes down with it. The grass is really growing where it pools, and it's in a shady area. But I'd prefer to direct the water away from the house instead of towards it. Maybe some rocks and PVC sheeting will do the trick.


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