Monday, 23 April 2012

Sunday yardwork

There was a point, late afternoon yesterday, that I looked around the yard and realized that the longer commute is truly worth owning this house and this yard. Felt good!

I spotted a ladybug in the grass.

As I posted earlier, I'm going to go slowly in shaping the yard, for time and money reasons. I haven't placed the stepping stone my sister made for me, as I have yet to find my acrylic sealant.

These are honest pictures! Looking north before:

Looking north after:

Looking east before:

Looking east after. I need to pour some boiling water on the grass and weeds growing between the stones. 2012-0422eastafter
Looking south before:

Looking south after. I love the little caddy I got that allows me to haul heavy bags of soil from the car.

Edited to add: the caddy is an "EasyGo XL Wheelbarrow" and I got it at Canadian Tire.


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