Sunday, 29 January 2012

My red dress

Red dress

Once upon a time, the Bloggess wore a red dress and felt magical. She sent it forth to travel the globe, to bring joy to every woman who wears it.

Now, she's sending out more dresses. And encouraging us to reach into our closets and share our red dresses. They don't even have to be red. They just need to make a woman feel special when she wears it. And also, they should be photographed wearing it. Many photographers are offering their services for free.

I wished that I could perhaps receive one of the dresses. And then I remembered packing dresses this week for my move next month. I remembered that I have a red dress!

I bought it in October, 2009. Our team at work had changed Halloween themes at the last minute, to "Zombie prom", and I needed a prom dress I could trash. I was in Edmonton, spending my first Thanksgiving with my newly discovered half-sister (more on that story to come later!) and her family. My niece and I went to Value Village.

There were only two prom dresses for my size. I grabbed them both and headed to the changing room. I put on a red and black dress first, looked at myself in the mirror and thought, "I can't trash this dress for Halloween'" I walked out of the dressing room and I knew from the expression on my niece's face that the dress looked damn good on me.

So the other dress got trashed for my Halloween outfit. I wore the red dress once - at the annual office Christmas party. My sister was my guest.

Red dress


I felt lovely that night wearing the dress, and I've never worn it since. I have no occasion to. Except for now. I'm about to buy my first home, and this warrants me getting dressed up all fancy, and getting photographed. As you can see, my eyes are closed in one of the shots! I want better pictures than that!

Red dress


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