Monday, 16 January 2012

Happy endings

Poor Charlie. He saw the vomit in the bathroom when I took Hermione away. He was upset when I came home without her. He pined for his little buddy.


He was right there to greet Hermione when I brought her home. He keeps seeking her out and licking her head. He's freaking adorable.

The vet I spoke with today luuuuuurves Hermione. He described himself as a big Harry Potter geek. He said she was his favourite patient today and he'd totally take her home given the chance. I said that wasn't going to happen. :-)

Seriously, Hermione charms many people. They love her markings and her spunky personality. I was told that several of the clinic staff wanted to steal her away. So I took her home as quickly as possible. (And I left the car running the whole time that I was paying for her and getting medication instructions etc, as it was a -33 windchill today.)

We're glad to have her home.



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