Sunday, 15 January 2012

My baby

Hermione I took Hermione to the emergency vet at 1 am, because she'd vomited three times yesterday, and wasn't interested in food. She may have eaten part of a flower - a lily or Alstromeria or carnation, based on what was in a bouquet. Right now, her bloodwork does not indicate the kind of kidney damage the vet would expect to see if she had eaten a poison plant. Her white blood cell count is high. After two x-rays, the vet isn't convinced Hermione has a foreign body in her tummy, but it hasn't been ruled out yet. Neither she or the other vet think surgery should be done now. They'll keep her on the IV and antibiotics and probably do an ultrasound tomorrow for a clearer picture. I'm a nervous wreck. She just turned five months old. I adopted her three months ago. I'm going to go in and see her tonight.


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