Monday, 2 January 2012

Chloe starts to succumb to The Cute

Chloe has been Not Impressed since I brought Hermione home on October 15. Hermione has been a pesky little intruder who won't let her nap, and keeps steaing her treats.

Hermione has slowly been figuring out that she needs a gentler approach with Chloe. She's persistently been trying to get on Chloe's good side.

At some time last night or this morning, I woke up and saw them sleeping side by side at the foot of my bed.They were facing each other so that their paws were touching. "That's new," I thought, and then I went back to sleep.

Tonight I looked over and saw them perched side by side on top of the loveseat. Amusingly, their postures were mirror images.


I sat there for a bit, waiting to see if there would be snuggling. There wasn't.


As I was processing the two photos above, I looked over and saw THIS.



Ladies and gentlemen ... we have snuggling! I admire not only Hermione's persistence, but her results.


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