Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Garden planning

Tonight I placed an order from a non-GMO heritage and heirloom seed company on Salt Spring Island in BC. Supporting a Canadian company, supporting non-GMO.

The Mermaid Garden 2013 planning is underway. I've procured a couple of wooden pallets too, for some projects. I don't think I'll start any seeds indoors until late March, after last year's pansy massacre proved that Calgary weather is just too unpredictable in March/April and I should not get my hopes up. And I should not leave pansies where the cats can reach them. They're non-toxic, it's just that I don't grow flowers for cat food, and the mess the cats made was not cool.

I ordered:

  • Spencer Sweet Pea (Lathyrus odoratus)
  • Green Zebra (tomatoes)
  • Purple Morning Glory (Ipomoea capillacea)
  • Magnolia Blossom Snow Pea
I'm sure there will be seeds purchased from within Alberta too. My favourite health food store carries seeds and starter plants from local companies.

The Green Zebra and morning glories are inspired by last year's successes. I bought a green zebra plant last year, this will be my first year starting them from seed. I'll start the morning glories sooner - they flourished along the north end of the garden last year, I'll plant them there again.

I failed at sweet peas last year. This year, I'll start the sweet peas inside inside of direct sowing.

The snow peas sounded interesting. They have purple flowers and are cold hardy. I remember plucking pea pods in my grandparents' farm in New Brunswick and the sweet taste of eating them straight from the pod.

I hope my lilac bush will make it through winter okay. I added extra mulch in early fall in preparation. I placed it far enough from the fence that it didn't get trampled during the whole fence removal/new fence construction in the fall.


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