Monday, 22 October 2012

Oh Hell No

The hole in my ceiling

This is the hole blasted in my upstairs bathroom ceiling when I tried to fix a toilet.

I picked a plumbing company off of the Better Business Bureau website. I declined to book after-hours, as that came with a $199 fee just to show up. I have a working toilet in the half-bath, and I can still shower and bathe.

Having been in customer service, I have become very accommodating on the phone. I've dealt with many jackholes always trying to get the best deal, get the most money, ask for credit for the tiniest issues. I pride myself on not being an asshole.

I booked the appointment for today, for when I'd be back from Vegas. For 2-4.

First they called to say their tech was running late, because of emergency calls.

Then they called to say he was still running late.

Then the general manager called at 4 to say that the tech was still running late. I asked if I had time to run out to the store and he said "yes", and confirmed they had my cell # in case things looked up.

I went out - and discovered that the new Wal-Mart in the area is finally open. Yay! I was home quickly.

Then another woman called. The tech was on his way!

Then she called back. Because the tech was going to arrive after 6, there would be a $199 after hours fee. Was I okay with that?

I told her that after being delayed four hours, I was not okay with that fee, and I would be going with another plumbing company if they were going to charge me that. She said she'd get back to me.

When she called back, she couldn't do anything about the fee but she could reschedule me for Thursday morning. So we rescheduled.

I'm tired of having to go downstairs to pee in the night. Having watched many an episode of Hoarders, peeing in the bathtub is not an option. And I doubt that I can get another plumber in before Thursday, without an emergency fee. This is not an emergency. It's an inconvenience.

Then I tweeted about it. Ace Plumbing in Calgary.

Whatever happens, this is going on their BBB feedback. And if they also whiff the appointment on Thursday morning, I will try to find another. It's hard finding a reputable company without word of mouth - I'm automatically excluding anyone whose address is a private residence.


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