Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Vegas baby - The Flamingo Hotel

My sister and I stayed at the Flamingo Hotel as part of a package. A little worn around the edges, but a nice hotel, and centrally located. This is Barbie's our bathroom from the Go Room.
  Our bathroom

Hotel room

The first night, we wandered around the casino and found a '50's style diner. Complete with jukeboxes that played songs for a nickel. I thought they were just for show but Mary-Anne proved me wrong.

Working jukebox

We also found some shops. Featuring this unbelievable sweater. No, I didn't buy one.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Didn't buy any of these.

Hello Kitty wine

Totally got a pink flamingo Christmas ornament. I ended up buying many ornaments, guess I'm putting a tree up this year!

Pink tree

This is more of what I expected to see. I was taking a picture of the legs, and a passing dude said, "You want your picture taken with those, right?" Sure!


Our hallway.


The view from our room.


The adults only pool. Because of the liquor being served. To our surprise, it closed at 6 at night. So Thursday and Friday, we got out of bed early in order to get our swim on. There were also hot tubs. I loved swimming in that pool, and going under the waterfalls.


If we'd had a free night, we would have totally seen this show.


In fact, our first night in the lobby, someone tried to give us free tickets to the show. She had passes for a variety of shows. Because I was single, she focused on me, wanted to know my salary range (I lied). We kept waiting to see what the catch was, to get free tickets. Mary-Anne caught on faster - I'd have to go to a "presentation" at another hotel about time shares. We passed on the free tickets, despite the salesperson's attempts to guilt us. We didn't have enough time to be browbeat about something neither of us had any intention of buying.


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