Friday, 11 November 2011

I went to my first drum circle tonight ...

... and boy, are my arms tired!

Kristy, Coworker Phil's wife, invited me to drumming. She's doing different activities these days. I like drums, so I said "Sure!"

It was a lot of fun. It got weird, with the singing. I like that the leader led us to send out peace and love on Remembrance Day, in honour of those who have served and are serving, and their families, and for those who are living in war.

I don't like that she had us sing "Oh Canada" substituting "Planet Earth" for "Canada".

There was a lot of meditation, where we were encouraged to be cleansed of something within us, while sending out peace to the world. I found myself thinking of what it's like to be in an ICU, facing the awful truth that a family member is not going to get better, in fact they are going to get worse. So that's where my thoughts of peace went - to those facing awful truths.


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