Sunday, 6 November 2011

Feline goodness

When I'm busy cleaning out multiple litterboxes, and feeding three loud cats in two different rooms, I sometimes wonder what I've gotten myself into.

This is what I've gotten myself into. :-)

New friends

Miss Chloe is a feral rescue who needs to have other cats around. This was very clear last year, when we suddenly lost Bonnie and we both grieved. Little Miss Hermione is desperately trying to win Chloe's affections, but it hasn't happened yet.

Miss Chloe

And Little Miss is very charming!

Little Miss likes my bed

Little Miss likes my bed

It didn't take Charlie long to accept Little Miss - she wrestles him and chases him and lets him pin her to the carpet - and then bounces up and plays with him all over again. Here, they are playing "Game for Cats" on my iPad.

New friends


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