Sunday, 20 November 2011

Hermione "helps"

There are many "firsts" that a kitten looks forward to ... and one of them is "helping" Mummy change the sheets!

First, you need to make sure she pulls the dirty sheets off properly.

Changing the sheets

If your brother jumps on the bed, invite him to to play! (Side note: Charlie weighed almost 18 lbs at the vet yesterday. BIG boy!)

Changing the sheets

It's okay to stop and munch on your tail. Ignore what Mummy says. Nom nom nom.

Changing the sheets

Don't just stop when the sheets are on the bed. Kittens need to get up and close and personal to make the duvet is being properly placed.

Changing the sheets Changing the sheets

Lastly, be super cute. So that you won't get locked out of the bedroom the next time Mummy wants to change the sheets.

Changing the sheets


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