Friday, 15 August 2014

Postcards in the mail, week of August 11

At this point last week, I was a little sad because I'd only received three postcards through Postcrossing, and I'd been signed up for over two months. I had sent 16 postcards and my first card still hasn't been registered, it was sent to Russia and is now marked as expired.

One week later, I have zero complaints! Because this was the week that things started to balance out.

On Monday, I received this lovely card from the US:
Received postcard

AND - what turned out to be the first card mailed to me. It took 41 days to arrive from Chile!
Received postcard

On Tuesday, I received from Germany:
Received postcard

On Wednesday, from New Zealand:
Received postcard

And on Thursday - this beautiful card came from Russia:
Received postcard

And I received this through a private swap:
Received postcard

Each card is beautiful and I appreciate the care that went into the selection. I am also impressed that the one from New Zealand arrived in 10 days, only one day slower than the German one. Germany is famous for having a speedy postal service.

This was a stressful week, taking the cats to a new vet, to catch up on needles and have some issues investigated. To have colourful postcards arrive from many different countries made me happy, and I'm really glad that I've caught the Postcrossing bug now. I have seven Postcrossing cards in transit to six different countries at the moment, plus about seven in private swaps.

If you're into stats and pie charts (they're cool!), you can see my Postcrossing stats so far.


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