Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Moraine Lake again

Last week I went back to Moraine Lake, this time with a couple of friends. The lake was higher, thanks to melted snow, and oh so beautiful.

Moraine Lake

We hiked up the Rockpile and around the lake. My feet begged to go into the lake, so I had to oblige. Now, this water is cold. Like, "was very recently a glacier" cold. And it felt goooooood.
Feet in cold water

I asked Susan to take my photo of me in the lake, and she wanted an action shot ... and I ended up kicking water at Dawn, who was having a smoke break. I shouted that smoking is bad!
Kicking water

Dawn kicked back. :-)

This is the view from the other side of the lake.
Moraine Lake

After we hiked back, we had lunch and sought shade. Susan chose this rock to knit on.
Susan on a rock

It was a great day. I'll share some more photos over the next few days.


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