Sunday, 16 February 2014

How I Spent My Winter Vacation - Part Two

The original reason to go to San Diego was the Mermaid Marathon. I thought it would be a good reason to get up and start moving after surgery in the fall. I chose the 5K race because I wasn't sure how much stamina I'd recover by race time.

What makes it a "mermaid" marathon is that 99% of the entrants were female, from a grand and wise mermaid in robes to lots of giggling mini-mermaids.

Since P lured me to San Diego for the marathon, she walked it with me. Starting early in the morning.
Start line

Surrounded by women in colourful tutus and mermaid leggings, we felt a little underdressed. :-) I did tie-dye my t-shirt for the race.

My bib called me out for the mermaid I am. :-)
Mermaid marathon

The route was flat and sunny, I really liked it. By the time I got to this marker, near the finish, I was feeling like I'd been exerting myself but had no worries about finishing. Which was good because we had to walk another mile to get back to the parking lot. :-)
Almost there

At the finish line, I was given a medal which also is a necklace.

That afternoon, P and her kids and I went to La Jolla. Beautiful.
La Jolla

La Jolla

The day before, K had cautioned me about stepping on wet rocks, which can be really slippery. This day, I remembered her advice. And I watched two people slip on rocks and fall into the water, but I wasn't one of them!

They found something in a tidal pool that stung them, and didn't understand why I wouldn't stick my hand in the water. :-)
La Jolla

Looking at these photos, I wonder why I ever returned to Calgary.
La Jolla

La Jolla

La Jolla

La Jolla is famous for the marine life that gathers there.
La Jolla

La Jolla

Plenty of seals were sunning themselves and enjoying the occasional cool wave washing over them.
La Jolla

This is the youngest seal I saw.
Baby seal

La Jolla


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