Thursday, 20 February 2014

How I Spent My Winter Vacation - Part Three

February 9 was another beautiful day in San Diego. By this point, I'd forgotten what bitter cold feels like. We went to a restaurant with a gluten-free menu - 's daughter is celiac and was thrilled to have another GF person visiting. The GF cinnamon roll pancakes were awesome. February 9 2014 Before heading out to the zoo, I took pictures of clover. Because I was in love with all the greenness of San Diego. February 9 2014

Here we are! Andrew, Vicky, me, Polina. February 9 2014 We started off with some young and adult flamingos. February 9 2014 The San Diego Zoo is amazing. It is full of lush greenery. Just walking through to get to the panda bears was awesome. February 9 2014 While in line for the panda bears, I oohed and ahhed over red pandas, one of my favourite animals. February 9 2014 February 9 2014 Mama Bai Yun. February 9 2014 Her cub, Xiao Liwu. They're sharing a habitat for now, but she's close to weaning him. February 9 2014 Mama likes her kibble. February 9 2014 Xiao Liwu having a drink. February 9 2014 Kitty! February 9 2014 Waiting for a snack from a keeper. February 9 2014 We stopped for our own lunch. Polina was very thrilled to pose with the famous Vibrating Han and Princess Leia. February 9 2014 The kids preferred the wolf. February 9 2014 February 9 2014 Not an official zoo creature - and yes, it's having lunch too. February 9 2014 Kitty! February 9 2014 To my great disappointment, the polar bears were not out in their exhibit. So we looked around the area and the kids did more climbing. February 9 2014 February 9 2014 I decided to check on the polar bears one more time. They were out, but hiding in the back. This is the best photo I got, heavily cropped. February 9 2014 I love this feature of the zoo - take a gondola back to the entrance! February 9 2014 It offered a great aerial view of the zoo and surrounding area. February 9 2014 February 9 2014 We then visited the petting zoo, where a few goats accepted attention as long as they had hay. February 9 2014 February 9 2014 The first night there, the kids asked if I like arts and crafts. (Do I ever!) They had a rock painting kit that they needed an adult's help with. So over the days, we painted rocks. I painted this mermaid for them. :-) February 9 2014 I really loved the San Diego Zoo and would go back again in a heartbeat, because we didn't cover all of it. I hesitate to compare it to the Calgary Zoo, which suffered considerable damage in last year's flood and is still in rebuilding mode. I absolutely recommend visiting the San Diego Zoo if you have the opportunity.


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