Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Homeward Bound Boo Yeah!

This morning, I was at the San Diego airport and a little nervous about the status of my flight. I was scheduled to fly to LAX, have a four hour layover, then board a plane to Calgary. RECAP.

 My flight got cancelled due to fog. BOO!

 The American Eagle ticket counter had one ticket agent. BOO ON THE SCHEDULING!

 The ticket agent was clearly trying to do her best with the people WHO ENGAGED HER FOR TEN OR MORE MINUTES AT A TIME.

Just to be clear, I was never mad at her. SHE CLEARLY WASN'T HAVING A GOOD MORNING EITHER.

I said the Serenity Prayer a lot while waiting in line. A LOT.

Some people were shifted to another airline, others were being put on a shuttle. I WANTED A FLIGHT.

The woman in line behind me is named (withheld) and she was flying to Florida to discuss hospice care for her father, who has become quite incontinent. She's Jewish. SHE WAS ON HER CELL PHONE A LOT. I WAS BORED.

People all around me were checking their phones and talking about flights being cancelled all over the US. OH SHIT.

I finally got to the ticket counter after 40 minutes. YEAH!

I got shown to the shuttle minivan that was about to leave. BOO I WANTED TO FLY I WAS WORRIED ABOUT MAKING MY CONNECTION IN LAX.

The driver gave us five minutes to use the facilities/buy food. YEAH!

He said that if we really needed to pull over at a gas station, he would, otherwise he would drive straight to LAX. OKAY.

Nobody asked him to pull over. YEAH!

We joked that the radio was the inflight entertainment. YEAH!

I kept myself calm by knitting during the trip. YEAH!

My motion sickness did not get triggered. YEAH!

I also had a seat to myself. So really, I had more leg and elbow room than if I had been on an American Eagle flight. YEAH!

It was annoying that the fog quickly burned off. WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST DELAY MY FLIGHT?

I also noticed that I have a rash on the backs of my hands. POISON OAK FROM MY HIKE YESTERDAY?

I got to my terminal at LAX 50 minutes before boarding. YEAH!

I didn't have to wait at the ticket counter, a WestJet agent was available. YEAH!

I got in line at Security with 40 minutes to go. TICK TICK.

I managed to get in the line without the full body scanner. YEAH!

After Security, I had 30 minutes to find food. AND EVERY PLACE HAD A LINE.

I got junk food and a bottle of juice and a t-shirt in a shop. I HAD $20 IN US CURRENCY AND I HAVE NO PLANS TO TRAVEL TO THE US AGAIN ANYTIME SOON.

At this point, my cell phone battery died. BOO!

Boarding was on time. YEAH!

Somehow, I got placed in one of the WestJet Plus seats. FREE UPGRADE!

So I had more legroom than the regular seats. JUST BECAUSE I'M 5'1" TALL DOESN'T MEAN I DON'T APPRECIATE EXTRA LEGROOM.

And nobody was seated in the other two seats so I had plenty of elbow room. YEAH!

So I didn't have to disturb anyone when I needed to pee. YEAH!

I watched the movie "Gravity" again, picking up more details on the themes. YEAH!

And I knitted. A LOT.

My rash did not get worse. YEAH!

When you're seated in the Plus section, you get extra snacks. YEAH!

I could have had more complimentary beverages and a sandwich, being in the Plus section. I WATCH "MY 600 LB LIFE". NO THANK YOU.

After the movie, I watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory. YEAH!

We got to Calgary on time. YEAH!

It's ******* cold. BOO!

I did not have to pay duty at Customs. YEAH!

I had zero issues with opening up my suitcase in the airport to haul out my winter coat. SERIOUSLY COLD.

My trusty car, Lily, started up for me. GOOD CAR, GOOD!

The driver's side window was frozen and wouldn't roll down for me. I had to get out of my car to pay for airport parking. BOO!

I got home after rush hour. YEAH!

The kitties were pissed at me. SORRY.

I gave them extra wet food. CHLOE STARTED TO WARM UP.

Chloe loved me up and now Charlie is sleeping beside me on the couch. YEAH!

Hermione just jumped on me, got quickly petted, then jumped off. SHE'S THAWING OUT THE ATTITUDE.

I do not want to do laundry. IT WAS A LONG DAY.


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