Thursday, 20 October 2011

So Little Miss has been hanging with me, wreaking havoc when left alone in the bathroom - she has a talent for climbing and leaping.

Little Miss Hermione

She's been playing tug-of-war under the door with the big cats.

Little Miss Hermione

She particularly enjoys romping on my bed.

Little Miss Hermione

Or putting herself on Facebook.

Little Miss Hermione

I held her when I got home from work tonight and observed the big cats' reaction. They didn't seem disturbed, so I let Little Miss go free. The big cats hated that idea. They retreated to the cat tree, which she has yet to climb.

The big cats

Hermione paused to play some "mousey game" on the iPad.

Little Miss Hermione

She chased Chloe around for a while. When Hermione got too close to Charlie and he started to growl, I whisked her away and locked her in the bedroom. Not because I was afraid he would hurt her - I locked her away because she was starting to really get on the big cats' nerves. They needed a break from her kitten levels of enthusiasm. I think she'll spend tonight in the bathroom again, to give the big cats a reprieve.

It's funny - Chloe now checks my hands whenever I get home, to make sure I didn't bring another kitten! Charlie has become naughtier, he's climbing up on the counters and TV stand more.


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