Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The big cats are slowly adjusting to the presence of Little Miss. I bought two toys and tied them to a piece of yarn. The yarn is under the bathroom door, so they can play with each other on both sides of the door, playing tug of war. Little Miss thinks that is great fun!

How small is Hermione? She can fit in my camera bag.

Little Miss Hermione

The cats have all seen each other, when the bathroom door is open. Today I tried a new experiment - I put Hermione into a carrier, then placed it where the big cats could see it. I stepped back and observed.

Chloe tentatively approached the carrier. Hermione stuck a paw out of the door. Charlie approached, then hissed. That's when I stepped in and picked up the carrier.

;Big yawn!

Little Miss Hermione

She's getting restless, so I brought her into the bedroom tonight while I sorted and put away my clean laundry. She had a great time roaming the bed, then jumping down and exploring.

Little Miss Hermione

As part of the Petland warranty, she has to be seen by one of their approved vets within seven business days. We've got an appointment booked for Saturday - not my regular vet, but it is close by.

She's just delightful.

Little Miss Hermione


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