Saturday, 22 October 2011

Little Miss

Hermione has settled in quite nicely, thank you. In this picture she's with Mel, a koala beanie baby that I gave her to play with, so she'd stop trying to eat my hand.
  Little Miss

Last night, she slept on a pillow next to me, Charlie was on the foot of the bed, and Chloe was sleeping on the baker's rack by the window. Bliss.

 When I got up this morning, she and Charlie were chasing each other around the apartment. She's not afraid to squawk when he gets a little rough, and he steps back when she squawks. Charlie seems happy to have a wee little playmate. Chloe is still curious about Hermione, she's taking her time.

 This morning, I took Hermione to a Petland-approved vet for a mandatory (and free) check-up. She weighs 2.4 lbs and is healthy. She charmed everyone. One of the clinic staff has a ragdoll kitten one week younger - who was spending the day at the clinic. So we introduced the kittens to each other. Hermione was unimpressed. We decided she is not a DSH (Domestic Short Hair) as determined by Petland. Right now she's a DMH (Domestic Medium Hair). The vet declared her to be a torbie, because she's got the facial markings of a tabby, but the rest of her is tortoiseshell. She remains delightful and adorable. :-)


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