Thursday, 17 April 2014

Catch up post

Proof that I went outside and didn't just spend the entire on the couch eating chips while playing games on the iPad.

Day 105
I went hiking on Nose Hill Park with a couple of friends. It was cold.
Day 105

Among many things, we talked about vision. I mentioned I'm farsighted. Later, I proved it by spotting a porcupine.

Day 106
I don't normally blow-dry my hair because of heat damage, but I did today, so that my hair would be dry by the time I got to lunch with a friend. One of my better hair days. Day 106

I impulsively stopped by Carburn Park after lunch. I hadn't been there since the flood last year, and it was depressing. The trees were still full of leaves and debris from where they were underwater.

I did spot some deer hiding in the brush.
Deer in Carburn Park


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