Sunday, 10 March 2013

Staycation Day 1

In progress

I went to another knitting meetup. Two of the women I met last week were there, plus a woman I hadn't met before. We had a nice time of sitting and talking. Now we're all Facebook friends.

One thing that came up is how we don't share deep stuff on Facebook. I have a lot of coworkers friended on Facebook, so I'm careful about what I post there, for example. (And here!) ;-)

The subject turned to TMI stuff other people post. So I didn't share this story of a guy live-tweeting while at the hospital for having a dildo stuck where the sun don't shine. And the battery lasted nine hours.

Then I went and got groceries. My brand new bottle of olive oil fell out and broke on the sidewalk in front of my house. The Internet helpfully told me that I could absorb it with kitty litter. I conveniently had half a bag of unused litter - I'd tried switching brands and the cats and I and my petsitter all hated it. So I sprinkled it all over the pavement and warned the neighbours walking by so they wouldn't get olive oil on their shoes.


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