Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Country of Zirconic

My nephew Andrew has a micronation, the country of Zirconic. He's put a lot of work into the constitution amongst many things. He very specifically made the country accepting of sexual orientation and religion.

As the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, I can now extend to you an invitation to join this fine nation. There are two steps to the process:

  1. Recite the Oath in the comments of this entry
  2. "Like" Zirconic's Facebook page
Have I mentioned he's 14? :-) It's been fascinating, watching him work out the politics of the country. At one point he described it as being similar to the Roman Replublic "but without slavery because that would be wrong".

MicroWiki entry on Zirconic

The oath:
I pledge allegiance to the country of Zirconic.
I pledge to fulfill all responsibilities and duties of a Zirconian citizen, such as voting and running in the bi-yearly elections.
I pledge to respect all the rights of all my fellow citizens, including those who cannot speak for themselves.
I pledge to make my country proud.


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