Friday, 2 November 2012

Halloween and Kitties

Because I don't know when my windows are being replaced, I didn't go batshit crazy decorating for Halloween. I went for "friendly" and "charming" and "please please please come to my house I've lived in apartment buildings for so long and I've never trick-or-treaters living on my own ever so please come here I have candy".

Halloween 2012

On the window ledge are little dollar store LED lights and decorations. I went to Vegas earlier this month, that's where my money went. :-)

That white window screen I made this summer really stands out at night. Did not know that. At least it will be replaced, hopefully soon.

I also hung a battery-lit paper lantern from my mailbox and placed a cheerful dollar store pumpkin on the steps, to show that I welcomed trick-or-treaters. And I had to have a cat decoration too!

Halloween 2012

I got off the bus at 6 and was dismayed to see there were already trick-or-treaters so I quickly hustled home and turned on all the lights.

And lo, the trick-or-treaters came. The very first one was a toddler in a bear suit who tried to enter my house, he wasn't entirely sure why he was there.

There were about 30? In the space of three hours. In my initial excitement I was very generous with the treats, then started rationing them to one treat per child. Especially if the child was old enough to sport peach fuzz, and/or his voice has changed. Some of those boys were taller than me!

When it was 9:19 pm, I'd just had one more trick-or-treater, and I was down to four tootsie roll pops. The novelty had worn off. I turned off the lights and went upstairs for a bath.

What did I dress up as? I was initially going to do a very casual Star Wars fan. That morning I spotted my Soft Kitty hoodie and went a different way. I drew some whiskers on my face and I was a kitty.

Halloween 2012

And then I pretended to be a 15 year old girl on MySpace five years ago.

Halloween 2012

The cats were not impressed with this strange-people-coming-to-the-door nonsense. Chloe stayed upstairs the entire time. Hermione ran around the house, especially whenever the doorbell rang or someone knocked on the front door. Charlie was grumpy because he was trying to nap, while these hooligans kept coming to the front door and making noise.

In quieter times:


Sometimes I get to sit in that chair too. :-)


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