Sunday, 23 March 2014

Kitty picspam

Today I'm feeling like I'm shaking off the cold and can go into work tomorrow. I'm still resting and drinking lots of fluids and medication. The most strenuous thing I've done all day is one load of laundry. Because if I'm going back to work, I need clean pants.

The cats have been thrilled to have me home. And I've been taking pictures!

Like this one of Miss Hermione. She's two and a half years old and definitely still a wide-eyed kitten at times.
Charlie and Hermione bring the cute so many times. He loves to bathe her and she loves being bathed. There are times that she will try to reciprocate, but he prefers to be the bather, and the dominant cat.


This is how they were lying together. They slay me.

Meanwhile, Chloe watched. If she bathes Hermione, she's definitely putting her in her place.

While I was waiting my turn at the walk-in clinic, I went to a couple of stores. I went to the pet store next door because the cats are getting restless. They know spring is here, but it's too cold right now to open up windows. I got a cat wand, without reading the label. It said "Lights up" and "makes sound". It makes a chirping sound when batted around.

Charlie loves it.

And he doesn't share. He's kind of a jerk that way.

Still not sharing.

Nope, not sharing.

I love this picture. She was pissed off that Charlie wouldn't share.

Once Charlie took a break, the girls started playing with the new wand. :-)

On weekends, I sleep in a bit. That stops when Hermione wakes me up by cuddling and purring and walking all over me.

While the big kitties continue to sleep at the foot of the bed. This is the closest these two ever come to sleeping together.

I spent yesterday on the couch, watching TV and knitting and not making my cold worse. Charlie cuddled up for a while. He's so cute when he's not being a jerk.


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