Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A true story told with silly gifs

Tonight a very perky young lady rang my doorbell. She said something about making sure I got my green benefit on my energy bill, I seem to have been skipped?

I was right in the middle of playing a game on my iPad and I was cooking supper. So I made her repeat herself and she kept speaking really quickly and throwing out words like "green" and "discount" and saying things "Have you heard about _____?"

 photo ax08z8.gif

My hackles raised because she was talking fast and not making sense, while trying to make it seem that she knew all about something that I should know about.

Impatient cat photo CatTap_zps1bb3ccfd.gif

I asked her who she was and she said was from "Green SomethingSheSaidReallyFast Energy" and they supply energy to my gas company. And then she asked to see my last bill to see if I got the discount.

No no no cat photo post-25055-NOPE-cat-gif-OzfF_zps00bad46e.gif

So from her point of view, it was okay for her to see my Enmax bill, because her company supplies power to Enmax. She said, "Haven't you seen the wind farm near Lethbridge?" and I'm all dazed and I say, "I don't drive down there."

Girls Aloud Kimberly photo 6320_900_zps13c351d5.gif

Anyways I refused to show her my bill (with my name on it...) and she said I could check it myself to see if I got the rebate and I asked what she was selling and she said she wasn't selling anything and I had enough.

 photo x0v59y.jpg

So I told her that I wasn't showing her anything and I was sure she was trying to sell me something that I didn't want and as I shut the door, she shouted out that she wasn't trying to sell me something!

Nope ponies photo 49436-nope-gif-pandawhale-jegy_zpsada9fc77.gif

I briefly wondered if I was turning into the neighbourhood cranky old fart.

Tinfoil hat conspiracy cat photo tin-foil-hat_zps1137f527.jpg

And then I started to eat my supper and was cruising around some favourite sites when I saw this headline: Complaints roll in about door-to-door energy marketers.

 photo 2i0qbm0.gif

Angry Sandy photo giphy_zpsdc3912d2.gif

I was right to shut my door in her deceptive little face!!!

Girls Aloud fabulous Nadine photo tumblr_inline_mpqqx8edzK1qz4rgp_zps8691aa85.gif

 photo 1448ftx.gif

And now I'm getting sleepy and should probably go to bed. The cats are demanding their nightly bedtime treats.

Sheldon and cats photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-27619-1375801508-0_zpsfaa7c618.gif


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