Thursday, 19 September 2013

The kitty intruder returns

Charlie growled at the back door again tonight. I turned on the backyard light - the intruder was back, standing by the door and looking very friendly. She has a very sweet face, very clean and fluffy fur, and a collar. She's also smaller than Hermione and I just wanted to pick her up and snuggle her.

BUT. That's not how things work when you already have three cats. Especially one that is doing his duty as Alpha Cat and telling the intruder to buzz off. So I opened the door a bit and she ran to the back of the yard. I opened the door some more, because I realized I'd left my clippers outside, and she left the yard entirely.

One minute later, she was back by the door so I had to scare her away again. I patted Charlie and told him what a good guard cat he is and gave him treats. He was on duty so he didn't eat the treats.

Part of me is worried about the other cat, because the temperature is dipping low tonight. But she really looks like she has a home. And putting out a cat bed for her, one that she could climb into for shelter and that my cats don't use, would probably be the wrong thing to do in the long-term.


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