Thursday, 25 July 2013

Energy exchange

I went to a meetup, my second in a "Spiritual Explorers" group. I'd never been to an energy exchange before. Basically, we all took turns lying on a massage table and everyone else practised on the person on the table. Each session was 10 minutes, to give everyone a chance.

I was all wound up from frustrating traffic on the way there, so I volunteered to go on the table first. I was very blissed out when my 10 minutes were up.

I didn't mention that I had a sore neck today, because I wanted to know if anyone would pick it up. Two people did - one of them being new to reiki, like me. She was thrilled to hear that there was a reason why she was drawn to pay attention to my neck.

It was very, very interesting and educational. With one woman, my hands were like magnets drawn to her left hip and knee. She'd kept her eyes closed throughout; when her ten minutes were up she said she hadn't know that her left knee was bothering her until someone paid attention to it.

I'm going back next week. :-)


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