Tuesday, 27 December 2011

In Search of Snuggles

A little bit of deja vu - Hermione once again sat herself down, next to Chloe, in hopes of some kitty snuggles.

Girls 01

She tried the old "I'm going to bathe myself and 'accidentally' snuggle up against Chloe" trick.

Girls 02

She earned a couple of licks from Chloe.

Girls 03

But Chloe wasn't interested in snuggles. As usual.

Girls 04

So Hermione decided to snuggle with Charlie as he napped.

Buddies 01

Problem - this cat bed isn't big enough for both of them and Hermione's gangly legs.

Buddies 02

She jumped out and Charlie went back to sleep.


Chloe had moved, so Hermione jumped back onto the top of the loveseat. "Will no one snuggle with me?"

Hermione 01

Poor widdle thing. It's exhausting being a kitten. :-)

Hermione 02


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